Platis Gialos
84600 Mykonos, Greece
Tel: +30 22890 28064, +30 22890 28099
Fax: +30 22890 28064
Mobile: +30 6944952211


Located just 50 meters back from Plati Yalos Beach, Pelagos Studios is 3.5 km. from the town of Mykonos and 4 km. from the airport.
Known as the shuttle-boat and bus terminal for most southern beaches, from Plati Yalos it is easy to reach town through a regular bus and taxi service or from its dock, explore other beaches buy boat.
Because Plati Yalos is one of the oldest established beach locations on Mykonos island, there is a large variety of beach bars and restaurants to choose from.

Getting to Mykonos by Airplane: You can arrive from Athens in 30 minutes. There are about ten flights of Olympic Airways every day in summer. Also you can arrive from other Hellenic Islands like Rhodes, Crete, Santorini and from Thessaloniki. There are a lot of charter flights from European Cities which arrive in Mykonos Airport.

Getting to Mykonos by Ferry: You can arrive from Athens (Piraeus or Rafina). Also you can arrive from other islands like Paros, Naxos, Santorini etc.